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From Sport Professionals, for Sport Professionals.

LEAGUELINKS is the first network reserved for professionals and operators in the field of sport. A specialized platform that embraces and encompasses all sports disciplines at a professional and semi-professional level, offering a direct line of communication between athletes, associations, companies and operators in the sector.

LEAGUELINKS provides its members with specific information and detailed technical data sheets, always updated and accessible in a simple and direct way.
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Company Athlete Operator

For Athletes, Coaches and Athletic Trainers

LEAGUELINKS BASKETBALL it is not a generalist "social network" but a network specialized in the sports sector. This specificity is the strong point of the platform which makes it the most effective tool for interconnecting all the players in a sport without dispersion of informations.

LEAGUELINKS BASKETBALL allows athletes, coaches and athletic trainers to have their own technical profile to promote their business. They can access profiles of other athletes, sport clubs, check the presence of tournaments and events, get in touch with agents, companies and sports clubs, communicating quickly and directly with the sports operators of interest thanks to an integrated system of "unified communication ".

For Sports Clubs and Companies

LEAGUELINKS BASKETBALL embraces all major sports by dividing them into multiple categories and restricting targeted communication activities within these areas. This makes the platform extremely effective for the promotion and dissemination of events, specific products, retail distributors and commercial operators in the sports field.

LEAGUELINKS BASKETBALL allows sports clubs and companies to present their products and services on a specialized platform, coming into direct and targeted contact with athletes, coaches and sports operators, promoting events and creating local and international collaborations and partnerships.

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LEAGUELINKS is a network that provides targeted information and facilitates communication between all sports professionals.